Saturday, January 25, 2014


Friday night I went to dinner with some of my work ladies and it was a bittersweet night. After almost 6 years, I am leaving to pursue what I would describe as one of my dream jobs as a nurse. The job I am leaving was also my dream job those several years ago so it would be very accurate to say that I have been beyond blessed with the opportunities I have had. Most people probably never get to pursue their ideal job, let alone twice! So sad to be leaving, but also very excited for my new adventure. Now if I can only get a dream job for the other half of who I am: Fashion!!

My first thought for my outfit last night was this fab motto vest and sweater from Forever 21 and bad ass heels from Charlotte Russe. But of course, at the last minute I changed my mind. Hashtag Fashion Addict Problems. This particular vest is not available last time I checked but Forever 21 has many many vests that are very similar to this one.

So then I opted for a fab sparkly top snagged off Target clearance and cropped trousers from Kohl's (trousers no longer available). I did switch up the shoes as well at the last minute because it is so dang cold here! I needed heels that had side and toe coverage, and unfortunately my original choice was not gonna cut it! And, I was not about to take off my close and refold them just for a new pic with the shoes I actually wore. Sorry, deal with it. ;)

Stella & Dot- Somervell Necklace
Target,Mossimo- Sequin Top
Charlotte Russe- Studded T-Strap Heel

Topped it all off with my long black coat and Stella & Dot jewels. The link for the sequin top does not reflect the in-store clearance price that I got so if you want to snag one on the cheap you need to hit up your local Target and pray to the clearance gods that it is still there! Also, this top is a comfort fit, not form fitting. I purchased a small and it is very loose and comfortable.

Charlotte Russe- Nubuck Almond Toe Platform Pump

After dinner with my fab work ladies, I met up with one of my best friends for some drinks and catch up. Annnnnnd this happened.... YUM! We both love Bloody Marys and Drake's make a delicious one! Never disappoints. 

Does anyone recommend a specific wrap to hold my curlers back? This is a swim suit cover up wrap and I would really like to get something that is made for the purpose I need it for. Ha! Hey, gotta be resourceful! I like to put in my curlers, apply my makeup and then finish off my hair. That routine seems to work best for me and I gotta get those curlers outta my face!

Breakfast this morning was fresh and delicious: 1 cup cottage cheese and a diced up orange. Simple, healthy, quick and yummy!

Well, gotta get back to doing nothing on this snowy day! 

Anyone going to watch the Grammy's tonight? Hopefully I can convince the hubs! Wish me luck!

***Correction:  just realized (enter sad face) that the Grammy's are not on tonight. Whoops!***

xoxo MaryBeth

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