Wednesday, June 12, 2013


With warm weather upon us I cannot help but get excited for days by a pool and fun times with family and friends. I took my summertime inspiration to the pages of Polyvore. But first, a low key, run-some-errands-kind-of-fashion, day.

Faux leather accented top, Forever 21 jean shorts and my fab Target flats. Love! Charlie and Winston love their momma... or is it that they love having their picture taken.... hmm

Now on to some summer lovin'! I am in love with summer hats. I have several ranging from summer floppies, baseball caps, small brim and so on. Although I don't wear them all the time, I do love em.

MBpK Style

MBpK Style by marybethklingenfus featuring forever 21 hats

What is more fun then summer beach bags?! They are cute catchalls, usually inexpensive and brighten up any wardrobe. Love!

MBpK Style

MBpK Style by marybethklingenfus featuring old navy handbags

Most important of all: SUNSCREEN! I cannot tell you how many summers I spent baking in the sun, and boy do I regret it! Luckily, I realized the beauty of sunscreen and self tanner. L'Oreal Sublime Bronze has been my absolute favorite (aside from spray tans) for years. And a new find this year is this body bronzing brush by Victoria's Secret. But when I am out in the sun I wear head to toe sunscreen and then top it off with an oil that also has sunscreen in it. And lastly, a lot of people forget that they need sunscreen when working out outdoors. It's not just for the pool people! The Ultimate Sport line by Neutrogena is unlike no other and worth the extra money.

MBpK Style

MBpK Style by marybethklingenfus featuring shimmer makeup

Swim coverups are also an essential, especially in a beach setting because sometimes you just take off from where you are and don't have time to hit up the hotel/condo/house for some clothes. Target is always my go-to for coverups. So cute, and many options.

MBpK Style

MBpK Style by marybethklingenfus featuring merona

Last, but certainly not least, sunglasses. I am a huge aviator style fan! I am also a huge fan of Forever 21 sunglasses. Not only are they super cheap, they are always on trend. I also have a tendency to break or lose my glasses, so spending a fortune on them is ludicrous in my opinion!

MBpK Style

MBpK Style by marybethklingenfus featuring forever 21 sunglasses

What are some summer styles you can't live without?!

Bed time!

Good Night!

xoxo MaryBeth

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