Monday, April 1, 2013


First off, I am sooo excited for UofL's basketball teamS for all of their success lately. The guys pulling a major win against Duke amidst Ware's broken leg (sick) and the women's team pulling the biggest upset in women's basketball. Incredible!! So glad to see that Ware is doing well in the hospital and in good spirits. So heartbreaking, though. 

Aside from Ware's broken leg, our Easter was pretty fantastic! We had a yummy meal at my sister-in-law's and ate lots of delicious desserts! After making my beloved bunny cake, I ended up making another cake for the ladies at work who had to be there on Easter. Now, before you think I am a saint, I had an ulterior motive for stopping by work on Easter. I had purchased a blueberry pie from a school sale and my pie was still sitting in the refrigerator at work. I figured I would drop off a yummy treat while I picked up my pie. 

Mixed prints was my Easter look. Love!

And a pop of red for my UofL Cards!

Oh, and don't think I am going to forget to mention that it is now officially baseball season!! Watching the Cardinal's play right now with the hubs. Love!!! 

Good Night!

xoxo MaryBeth

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