Friday, November 9, 2012


Hello ladies! FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY!!! WooHoo! And, OMG what a beautiful day it is!! Looks like the entire weekend is going to splendid. Better eat it all up because I'm betting this is the last weekend of superb fall weather. I've got two looks for ya today. One from earlier in the week and the other is what I'm wearing today.

For this look, I wore, you guessed it, one of my Forever21 v-neck long-sleeve shirts in brown. The jeans are from Charlotte Russe and the vest is from Aeropostale. I love this vest. It is soo warm, and so stinking cute!! I got this gem a couple years ago, so sorry, it's probably not on the market anymore. My brown "fake" Uggs are from Target. Love em! Also very warm and comfy. I have them in black as well, and they are my go to shoes in the winter time. And the great thing is that they aren't very expensive. So, if you wear yours to the ground, no problem! Get a fresh pair next season!

Since it's Friday I decided to go a little "wild". ha! LOVE these pants! These ones are a brownish/gold with black animal print. I have another pair (yes, two pairs of animal print skinny jeans) that are grey with black animal print. I snagged them off the clearance rack at Target this past April. So fun! you can wear them dressed down with flats, like this, or wear them with some black stilettos, simple black top and some bangin' jewelry. Love!

 Now on to the point of this post and get down to business: wedding day photos... So many options, so many poses, so many photographers- what's a girl to do?? Well, first thing is first. Research your photographers and see who can give you the most for your money! There are many different "packages" that photogs offer and a wide range of prices. And although you may love the work of a particular photog, the main thing it is going to come down to is, can you budget it. My photog, Josh Monken, was the ultimate package: very extensive package, great service, great price and most importantly, great guy! Daniel and I felt very comfortable with Josh and he was able to roll with the party-animals, aka my wedding party. Ha! And believe me, they did not make it easy for him :)

So, what all did my package include? Well, for starters, Josh had a second photographer accompany him on the day of my wedding. Normally, from what I've researched, this would be an additional charge, but it wasn't! She was training and learning from him and I didn't mind one bit! Josh even came to the rehearsal at the church (and even came afterward to the rehearsal dinner for more pics) to get some pictures, and that was included in my package as well. Getting pictures at the rehearsal is something I never even thought about until he said it was a service he provided. And it really is neat to have those pics! All the excitement and nervousness of that night before is captured forever. Love!

My package also included 12hrs of pictures for the day of the wedding. Many photogs will offer smaller increments of time and then charge extra, a la carte style, for any additional time. If you want pics of you and your gals getting ready in the morning all the way til the end of the reception, you are def gonna need several hours on your package, which will add up. I was given CDs with all the high-resolution images taken that day and the printing rights. Oh, and it doesn't end there. Josh's package included THREE photo albums. One for us, one for my parents and one for Daniels parents (or however you wish to disperse them). Total cost was around $2250, if I remember correctly. If you are gasping out of shock at the expense of this, then you clearly have not done any research on photographers. This was an INSANELY awesome deal (year 2010) and Josh lived up to every word that was promised.

Once I booked with Josh, and once it got a little closer to the big day, I sent him some images that I had found on the internet of pictures that I wanted to have taken on my big day. This is something that I feel is very important because with all the hustle and bustle of the day, you might not remember a certain pic that you wanted taken, and then before you know it the day is over. By telling your photog what you want, it is almost certain it will happen. The more people that know what you want, the better. Here are some pics that either I or am just very happy Josh captured. This is a fraction of the pics I loved, but I gotta reel it in! So hard though, I want to post ALL OF THEM!! ha!

Charlie & Winston In Their Tuxedos At The Rehearsal

At The Salon

At My Parents House, After The Salon, Before The Church

The Hubs Receiving His Gift ;)

My Grade School Church- Gorgeous!

Watching Me Come Down The Isle

Beer Koozie Pics


Tradition- Guys "Peeing" In The Lake

Tradition- Bridesmaid's Bouquets

For Our "Thank You" Postcards

The Arch!

Shoe Pic




Four Generations- Grandpa, Dad, Brother, Nephew
Tony Sr, Tony Jr, Tony III & Tony IV

I will share more pics in another post! We had a super cute themed rehearsal dinner, "Taste of St. Louis", and there are some super cute pics/ideas for you all that I will share later. I hope this helps!

Have a great day!

xoxo MaryBeth


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