Friday, October 26, 2012


Hey Ladies! Geeze, what a gloomy day today has been! The temperature dropped and the rain is kicking in. And to be honest, I am actually kind of happy because I am really looking forward to a night of comfy clothes, soup, my couch, my man, my doggies, popcorn and a movie. Ahh... relax. Unless the hubs goes to a football game tonight, then it will be all of that minus him! On the agenda for tomorrow is some party hopping!! We have two Halloween parties to attend and I am super stoked! Our costumes are TOP SECRET though. haha jk. I will definitely share some pics with you later this weekend. Our first choice was thrown out because they were sold out of the male version. So we went with choice number two. Can't wait for you to see!

On Wednesday I ran a few errands while I was, "on call" for work (which can be risky: imagine, full load of groceries in your cart, phone rings, hey it's work, we need you and you have to be here in thirty minutes... or else..). So grocery shopping is definitely off limits when I am on call. Some have risked it before, but I am just too scared aka would be so embarrassed to leave an entire cart of groceries in the middle of the isle so I could high-tail it out of there. Here's my look:

I rocked a flannel button-down from Target that I got about two years ago, grey long and lean tank also from Target, Charlotte Russe Refuge jeans and some flip flops from Old Navy. Target sells flannel shirts every year around this time but some of the colors have changed. I have this top in black/white, Red/Navy and Yellow/Navy. I also have the long and lean tank in about 10 different colors/patterns!! They are soo great! And, at 8 bucks a pop, you CAN have lots of options. They are actually on sale right now I believe. My staple colors (white, black and grey) I re-purchased this past summer because I like those ones to look nice and crisp. Then, I downgrade the older ones to workout tanks. No reason to throw them away! And the others that aren't in my category of, "staple colors", continue on in the non-workout clothes section.

My super cute necklace is the Secret Garden Charm ($49) by Stella & Dot. It is gorg. Not only does the link take you to this necklace, but it also allows you to shop my launch party which is open for online shopping until November 10th!! S&D is so great, and I love everything about the company and the jewelry. And not to mention the fabulous other girls in my area who are also stylists! They all have been so kind and are walking testimonials to how awesome Stella & Dot is as a company. Another goodie I added to my collection (can't help myself) came in the mail yesterday and I.was.excited. It is the Lillith Fringe Necklace ($138) and it is totally badass! I cannot wait to wear it out!! Ch-ch-check it out!

Here is my workout look for today. ha! I worked for a few hours this morning and then came home, ate lunch with the hubs (he was off work today) and then we hit the gym. I did a light workout today that consisted of power walking on an incline for 45min (3 miles), abs, arms and squats. Tomorrow I'm going to stretch out my legs and go for a little run. And from the looks of the weather I'm betting that run is going to be on the treadmill!

The long black pants are from Kohls and are fabulous in quality and price! The tank I'm wearing is one of the long and leans from Target that got downgraded to workout attire and the Nike Hoodie is one of my awesome steals from TJ Maxx!! I think I got it for like $20!! Insanity! It has some reflective panels, hood and thumb holes. Love.

Some Halloween fun to come later this weekend!!!

Oh, and here are some more "Nurse Fashion" photos! Inspiration everywhere!

Badge Holder

Badge Holder


Scrub Jacket

xoxo MaryBeth

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