Saturday, September 29, 2012


Yesterday I went to my fav salon, Omagi, for a much needed and very overdue trimming. Took about 1.5in off and polished up my layers. I love this salon and cannot say it enough! The second I step foot in Omagi I first notice how nice it smells. I'm always greeted very kindly and offered coffee, tea or infused water on the house. And my stylist, Kristin, rocks in more ways then one. Not only does she rock at cutting my hair, but she has great personal style and always looks on point. Every appointment includes a shoulder/neck/head massage. Then you are whisked away to the shampoo station where, on most days, someone will come massage your hands while your stylist washes your hair. And don't fret, if no one is available to massage your hands, your stylist will after she is done washing your hair. Then, you get your cut and fab blowout. When I first started going here Kristin was newer and only charged about $25. Insanity, I know! Now that she is more established, my cost is around $40. STILL fabulous! Costumer service goes a LOOONG way.

After that gloriousness, I got ready to do some tailgating with the hubby and in-laws.There was a huge highschool rivalry game that is held at the University's stadium every year. I had never been before so was excited to experience it. With no pro sports here, college is the ultimate and highschool is a close second. Snapped a quick pic on my way OTD. Hope you had a fun Friday too!

PS: Charlie somehow found his way into this pic. My boys always do! haha

xoxo MaryBeth

Silky,Wide Arm, Open Cardigan- Target
Starlet Flare Jeans- Charlotte Russe
Black Spaghetti Strap Tank- Forever21
Maryjane/Loafer Style Heels- Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Black Tassel Crossbody Bag- TJ Maxx

Trying To Get In

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