Monday, June 15, 2015


Wow, that was quite the blogging hiatus! But, with very good reason: the hubs and I welcomed our sweet baby girl on June 2 and could not be happier! She is already a fashion loving little diva, and our adventures together are just beginning. This little lady is just shy of two weeks old and has already been outlet mall shopping! She has stolen our hearts and life is truly not the same. So cliche, I know, but at the same time it is so true. Here are a few pics that I took- turned out great!

Cecilia Ruth

After years of infertility I still cannot believe that a.) I was ever pregnant and b.) that THIS is MY child- it is like I am in a dream and constantly afraid the alarm is going to go off. She is everything and more that we ever dreamed of and has truly filled a void in our lives. The sleepless nights are frustrating at times, but quickly forgiven when she smiles or makes one of her silly noises. 

So, what is going on lately:

Sleep: Cecilia loves to snooze the days away and I am trying hard to allow her lots of napping but to also encourage some awake time besides when feeding her. I talk to her a lot and walk her around the house to give her some stimulus, and then she usually just crashes back to sleep. 

Breast Feeding: She is a champ! It has been such an easy thing- I know many women struggle with this so please don't hate me! We have just clicked and it has been a seamless process. 

Activity: I had a very smooth delivery and have felt great since coming home from the hospital! Everyone has different experiences and method of delivery definitely plays a role in how quickly you are up and about. I stayed extremely active throughout my pregnant and I know that that has played a HUGE role in how well I have bounced back. Walks around the neighborhood have been SO nice, but with this miserable heat wave that we are in, baby girl and I have kind of been trapped at home as of late. Bummer! 

Most Surprising Thing: The shift of fluids/lower body swelling that occurred after delivery!! I'm talking, insane swelling! I worked so hard my whole pregnancy and only had a few bouts with leg swelling, but post delivery was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It really feels like you are in someone else's body! It took about a week for all the swelling to go down. 

Well, that is all for now: Stay tuned- FASHION post tomorrow!! Yay Yay Yay!


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