Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hey Hey! I am so ready for the holiday weekend! No major plans, but sometimes that is the best plan! Looking forward to some relaxation, food, drinks and time outdoors. After doing some things on Polyvore, I realized that I am very scatter-brained today, so here are my Thursday thoughts.

I am loving these knee high sandals! Even though I am quit a risk taker when it comes to fashion, I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to wear them. Actually, who am I kidding, I would totally try these! Confidence is everything, and if you are loving what you are wearing then who cares what anyone else thinks! Obviously, certain occasions call for certain dress attire, but on a random day, do what you love.

MbPK Style

MbPK Style by marybethklingenfus featuring racerback tops

Some heels I'm lusting over....

MBpK Style

MBpK Style by marybethklingenfus featuring platform pumps

Loving these swimsuits (amongst others). I haven't actually purchased a one-piece swimsuit yet, but I am loving the two styles pictured below.

MBpK Style

MBpK Style by marybethklingenfus featuring a cutout swimsuit

Noticing that I'm in a gold mood. Everything that caught my was.... GOLD!

MBpK Style

MBpK Style

MBpK Style by marybethklingenfus featuring a ribbon necklace

And lastly, my nighttime regimen items. Love! I've had to switch it up quite a bit throughout the years, and so far this has been the most successful. The scrub is used only a few times a week, though. I've learned that drying out my skin is actually the worst thing I could have done. Finally jumped on the moisture ban-wagon and my skin has improved!

MBpK Style

Hitting up the gym! Have a great day!

xoxo MaryBeth


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