Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hey Hey! How has every one's holiday weekend been going? The other night we had a patio dinner (garage door style) and some drinks. Just a relaxing night out with the hubs :)

Forever21 dress, wedges from LuLu's and a TJ Maxx cardigan with some faux leather paneling. Love!  

I bought this dress almost three years ago when we were getting ready for our honeymoon. I probably paid $15 for it, it is still in perfect condition and will always be in style. Love, love, love!

New addition to the pantry. This stuff is very good! Gotta love Target!

Just a few of my new purchases from yesterday. I hit the fashion sale jackpot! Everything I felt that I was missing for my summer wardrobe, I found. Skinny jeans for $16, silk tops for $10 and even a pair of high end designer dress slacks with a tuxedo stripe down the side for... drum roll please... $10. Needless to say, I rocked. Still so happy! My winning stores were Kohl's, TJ Maxx, Victoria's Secret and Versona. And, of course I wore some of my new finds that same day, lol.

I definitely do not go shopping everyday, so when it is time to stock up I try to do it as cost effectively as possible! Most of what I blog about are items that I already own. Adding odds and ends in here and there can give you that extra spice that you need to get inspired within your own closet. One new top or one new pair of pants can create an entire new set of options that you never even realized! After my summer overhaul that I did yesterday, I now have a gazillion new outfit combos that I cannot wait to play with! Remember, it's not about looking fab 24-7 or spending tons of money. It is about looking fab when you want, and in an affordable way! 

High bun love! I had worked out that afternoon and then went straight to shopping, so when I got home I needed to get ready, QUICKLY and the high bun it was. So quick and  so simple IF you use the sock bun by Con Air. LOVE.IT. I do not get any kind of perks by mentioning any of this stuff. Just truly things I love and use all.the.time.

Kind of blurry, but this was hilarious. Promo girls for Jim Beam where giving out samples of a new clear whiskey to everyone along with a pic. It's called, Jacob's Ghost, hence the ghost they placed in the pic. Too funny!

Not sure what we are going to be getting in to today, but I'm sure it will be fun! 

What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans?

Is it annoying that 98% of my blog photos are done with my iPhone? Responses (good and bad) welcome!! 

xoxo MaryBeth


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