Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hey Ladies! Today was a, "go to the gym, run errands, clean the house" kind of day. And of course I am dressed to the nine's and rockin' my stilettos on a day like this....not. This pic pretty much sums it up. But, like I said, it's not about looking fabulous every second of every day. It's about knowing how to look fabulous, whenever you want!

Kohl's $12ish
Black Running Tank
Target $19ish
Black Running Capris
Dick's Sporting Goods $80
Asics Running Shoes
Sweet Bun On My Head $priceless

Another thing on the agenda for today was to finish up a DIY (do it yourself) project the hubs and I started. After all the remodeling that we had done to our house, we somehow let the closet doors to our master bathroom fall to the wayside. Not that they were terrible, but they just needed a little touch up so they could shine with the rest of the house. It's funny how when you remodel a home you think that you have every square inch accounted for and that you are going to have everything perfect. Wrong. So wrong. We have come across MANY things that were either an oversight, or a corner cut that, at the time, cutting that corner meant life and death because all we wanted to do was move in. Hence, my poor little closet doors. Here is a pic after we had already sanded the doors down so that their fresh coat of color would stick.


After sanding, we then spent around $5 on two cans of the appropriate type of spray paint, and there you have it.

Finished Product

Finished Product
And yes, I did say spray paint. Have you ever been in the spray paint aisle of a Home Depot or Lowe's?? If you are turning your nose up to the thought of spray paint, then clearly you haven't! It is amazing all the different textures and colors they have to offer. Even metallic colors (which, by the way, I am going to have try out on something). So there you have it! Hope you liked this, "DIY Delight".

xoxo MaryBeth

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