Friday, September 21, 2012


For those who know me, know that I can be quite the walking contradiction, i.e. sweats by day and GLAMOROUS by night. Let me explain: on a work day I wake up at 5:15am, throw on some sweatpants/Adidas pants/cute comfys from VS, makeup, then OTD (out the door). I have this luxury due to the fact that I have to wear hospital provided scrubs for the area I work in.Then I work all day in my scrubs, get home around 7:30-8pm, work out, shower, and throw on more comfy, not glamorous, clothes to go to sleep in. And this cycle occurs three days a week. I have the arsenal in my closet to look nice every day, I just don't always use it. And honestly, no one should feel they have to look fab every moment of every day.

I find that myself and pretty much all of my nursing friends have the same dilemma. But the fact that most of my weekdays are spent in casual attire is what makes me so passionate about the glitz and glam. Now, as much as I wish I could share some very interesting stories from work, that lovely thing called HIPPA (and my desire to keep my nursing license) prevents me from spilling too much. I will give you two hints though; I work with women, and I work with babies :)

Here on this blog I want to share my passion for fashion, jewelry and makeup. There is so much available out there at ALL price points, and I want to share my knowledge! I am also a lover of all things wedding. After planning mine over two years ago (crazy how time flies) I realized that I have a keen eye for it and find myself giving advice to bride-to-be's all the time. And lastly, I love home decor! The home my husband and I currently own is our second remodel, so I've got some experience ;)

I hope you enjoy all this blog has to offer!

                  xoxo MaryBeth


  1. Great start Beth. Fun to follow you, especially knowing your passion for fashion. Looking forward to seeing more....What about those Cardinals????????????? Mary

  2. Oh don't worry, the Cardinalls will get some blog time!


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